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Although Standa Chmelar (Stanley) lives in Perth, Australia currently, he hails from the Czech Republic. He fell in love with photography the moment he first held his very own digital camera. Ever since, photography has been his passion.

He currently owns a professional Nikon DSLR camera with all the lenses, flashes and accessories he can possibly afford, which lets him take beautiful pictures and capture the right moments. He loves all genre of photography - nature, people, animals, still life and more.

He has had a chance to live and travel to places like Czech, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Bali and more. That is why most of his interest is in photography of nature and animals.

The recent chance to live in an international country makes him passionate about Headshots, where he can explore people's faces and national differences. He knows what it takes to get the right shot with the right expressions to make you look natural, but confident. For this purpose, he is constantly looking for people with same interest, but on the opposite side of the camera.

When he is not behind his camera, you can find him behind his computer. With his mechanical engineering background, he loves to work with 3D software like SolidWorks and AutoCAD. He is also very familiar with Photoshop and Lightroom and can touch up or salvage photos with any imperfections.

Interested to work with someone who loves what he does? Then wait no more and contact him today!


Daniel and Family

"Amazing! This is our best gift we have received in Australia.U've made me feel like crying.We didn't have money to go to a professional photography and now we have the best photo's in the world.Our smiles will always glow because of you.Thanks a million Stanley.As a family we pray u prosper,blessings come your way beyond measure.We pray you find favour,opportunities and surprises in life.We have a feeling you will be so wealthy because of your golden heart .Thank you my dear Bro.Let me now by the power given by God and my elders speak a blessing in my native languages.Mungu Akubariki Stanley,Inkosi Kubusise,Imana Igwe Omugisha,Nyasaye akuemiriri.Those are words we don't speak lightly.They are words of honour.Blessings,Daniel Pate"


"I was unsure about going to a guy's house before taking shots in front a camera. We had coffee at a cafe and I found Stanley to be a genuine and open guy. Stanley was willing to work with me to feel comfortable. This was my first time in front of the camera. Stanley was reassuring and very easy going. I was uncomfortable, but with Stanley's nature, I was able to relax and this was reflective in the shots taken."


"After a bad experience with another photographer where I felt very uncomfortable in his presence and also with the types of photos he wanted to take, I was a little reluctant to repeat this experience with another photographer. However, with Stanley I felt very comfortable and at ease the moment I met him. His photography equipment and skills are very professional and the end result was some excellent head shots of high quality and which I am now using to obtain employment. I highly recommend his services"


"Stanley took a few head shots of me to put up on my acting profile online. He was very professional and takes some amazing head shots. I would defiantly recommend him to my friends, family and anyone interested in getting some shots done. 10/10 wonderful results, Thanks Mate."


"A photo shooting with Stanislav was a great experience. I didn't have any idea how the photo shooting will look like. I was kind of nervous but the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. We had a nice chat before we started. Friend of mine came with me to do my make-up which was great and I was more confident in front of the camera. I enjoyed Stanislav's professional approach and I'm very happy with the result. Stanislav doesn't edit pictures drastically in Photoshop. That way people look naturally and that's the way I like it. I can recommend Stanislav to everyone who wants to support a good talent. Thank you "


"I spent around two hours with this amazing photographer and got a whole collection of photographs of which about six of them were photoshopped. He takes corporate photos as well as portraits or full body photos in nature environment. Stanislav was well prepared and he let you to relax and feel good about yourself. If you are looking for a skilful photographer Stanislav is a good choice for you."

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